Company and management

PLZ GmbH is an independent company, operating in real estate investment, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our model is aimed at investors who wish to find a high-return low-risk alternative for their investment portfolio, and lack the time or adequate tools to purchase real estate investment properties.

We have developed a six-step methodological approach, which allows us to select and purchase the most attractive properties from a performance and appreciation perspective.

We use the best research, analysis and financing tools either that we have developed ourselves or that already exist in the industry, allowing us to satisfy the profitability and appreciation requirements of our clients.

A successful real estate investment provides financial security for many years with low long-term risk, and potential appreciation.



Philippe Lasser
Managing Director

Philippe has more than 20 years of experience with several investment banks, wealth management companies and brokers in the Geneva financial market. He created and managed for 16 years the Electronic Trading division of NBF International S.A., an affiliate company of the National Bank of Canada.

Since 2002 he has managed the LGAS private real estate investment fund, which owns apartments and residential properties all over Switzerland.