The real estate investment services and recommendations that PLZ GmbH offers its clients do not come with any guarantee of return, nor any guarantee that the value of the proposed properties will remain the same. Investors therefore risk losing some, all or several times the value of their original investment as a result of the leverage effect made possible by real estate investment. All decisions based on information and documents supplied by PLZ GmbH, by partners of PLZ GmbH or by the seller of a property are the sole responsibility of the client. PLZ GmbH accepts no responsibility for information or for the content of documents supplied by the seller of a property and makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information and these documents, nor does it guarantee that the information or documents supplied by the seller of the property are complete.


The potential rates of return that we indicate in our research reports use the same methodology and ratios for all proposed properties for the purpose of comparison. The ratio of equity to debt, the mortgage rate and the rate of incidental expenses used in our research reports may be affected by current conditions in the real estate market, influencing the return initially calculated. The rate of return does not take into account sales charges, costs relating to repairs or renovations, tenant-finding fees, property management fees, or fees or expenses for services relating to the search for and acquisition of property.