The 6 steps in real estate investment

Our company assists you throughout the six steps required to obtain a real estate return, while also allowing you to decide, at each step, whether or not to continue the process. We find and analyse the most interesting objects for you, negotiate the purchase, find the best financing, take care of the acquisition, and, lastly, manage the property and its tenants. Each of these steps may be proposed individually.


Using our search algorithm we can isolate from all the properties for sale in Switzerland those with the best perspectives for return.

Our algorithm calculates the potential rent of each property, using the average rented price per square meter of similar properties in the same location, and then determines a rate of return. Properties with the highest rates of return are presented to our clients.

We analyze several hundred properties daily.


A visit to the property allows us to assess its condition, any structural defects and possible renovation to be anticipated.

By combining information from the visit, sales documentation and our own data, we analyse the property using the hedonic model from IAZI / CIFI, which is the Swiss company of reference in the area of real estate evaluations.

The PLZ research report evaluates the object, based on its rental potential. The hedonic model from IAZI / CIFI evaluates the object by comparing the sales price with the price of effective transactions from properties with similar qualities and location.

This double analysis, performed by two separate companies and different mathematic models, allows us to validate the property as a target investment.


A property may change hands at the price asked by the seller, or at the price proposed by the buyer. Certain properties are only attractive if they involve negotiation, in that the initial price asked by the seller does not make it possible to reach a sufficient threshold of profitability. Other objects are unconditionally interesting and require a quick decision.

A property is negotiated differently depending on whether it is intended for investment or for personal use, whether it is sold by the owner or by an intermediate, and whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market.

We examine and prepare all the necessary aspects of the negotiations and draw up a strategy that we implement together, with the aim of buying the property at the best price.


For your purchase, we seek the establishment offering the best mortgage interest rate, the lowest amortization and the most appropriate duration for your future loan. We work with our own network of banking establishments and insurance companies, as well as with MoneyPark in Zürich, which has itself a large network of financing partners.

In this way we ensure that the financing that we find for your investment will have the best impact on your rate of return.


The conditions of acquisition of real estate property are different from one canton to another.  We conduct all the administrative steps necessary to purchase your property.

These steps include signature of the promise to purchase and payment of a deposit, signature of the documents necessary for establishment of the mortgage, the transfer or creation of a mortgage payment agreement, establishment of the documents necessary for withdrawals from pension funds, finally followed by the signature at the notary’s office, and exchanging of the keys.


The last step of your investment is the proper management of your acquisition. We search for and select the tenants, analyse their solvency, arrange visits of the apartment, prepare the leases, and the contracts for rent guarantees and remittance of the keys.

We administer the property, establish the accounting, make arrangements for eventual renovations, pay the charges and cash the rent payments. Based on the type of property, its geographical location or the needs of our clients, we handle the administration of the property ourselves or we subcontract this responsibility to a local real estate management company.

We are specialized in laws on leases and we administer our apartments with a particular focus on harmonious relations between owners and tenants.