Our investment Strategy

Our approach to real estate investment is unique, both in terms of our tools and our philosophy. Our tools allow us to find the rare real estate properties that offer both high returns and appreciation prospects, while our philosophy guides us in the choice of properties that we select for our clients.

Algorithmic model

The aim of our model is not to find real estate that can be rented out at a higher price than the average market rate, but to find properties that can be let at average market rates, at a purchase price that is particularly low.

In this way, by selecting real estate with a standard surface area and a rental that reflects average market prices, we minimise the risk of seeing a flat standing vacant because it is too far removed from the living space and rental bracket that are attractive to potential tenants.

Our method for selecting commercial properties is initially purely arithmetical and automated, as the aim is to identify the potential rate of return. The real estate details selected in this first stage are then filtered manually, in order to find a match with both our investment strategy and with the needs of our clients.

Selection policy

We favour older properties that are in good condition, requiring no immediate renovation and whose curve of appreciation is more stable. We prefer small apartments or buildings with small apartments, which, per square metre, rent better and more quickly. We prefer urban areas and popular neighbourhoods rather than luxury neighbourhoods.

We can also set aside these criteria to look for properties with a much higher return, but with lower potential for appreciation. We can also focus on a specific geographical area or find properties outside the framework of our selection policy.

The best tools

We use the best tools, which we have either developed in-house or which were already on the market, for each of the six steps required to create a return on real estate.

Research on the best commercial properties is carried out by our algorithmic software PLEAZ and the analysis by the company IAZI / CIFI, the leader in Switzerland when it comes to real estate analysis. Financing is done by our partner MoneyPark, and the management of the properties by our local partners. We handle the negotiations and the acquisition directly.

Double analysis

To ensure the quality of the properties we recommend, we conduct two analyzes using two different mathematical approaches from two separate companies.

The first analysis by PLZ determines the rental potential of the property. The second analysis by IAZI / CIFI evaluates the property by comparing the sales price with the price of effective transactions from properties with similar qualities and location.

This double analysis, performed by two separate companies and different mathematic models, allows us to validate the property as a target investment.

The investment cycle

A few years after purchasing a property, its appreciation (increase in value) will permit it to be refinanced (increase of the mortgage), which will generate new equity that will permit a new acquisition. In this way you increase the number of properties and the return. You are not subject to real estate capital gains tax.